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School Store

Brought to you by the Covington Elementary Student Council

Open mornings from 7:50-8:10 in front of the library by the 3-6 pod.

Please know what you want before coming to the store. Exact change is helpful! The line needs to move quickly so you are back to class by the time the bell rings! Thank you for supporting the Student Council at Covington Elementary School!


Assorted mechanical pencils $ 1.00
Glitter pencils 50¢
Variety sports pencils 50¢
Variety pencils 50¢
#2 Pencils 25¢



Small pencil topper
Eraser putty / Kneaded eraser $1.00
Normal eraser 10¢
Assorted erasers 25¢
Striped erasers 50¢
Puzzle erasers $1.00


Pens and Highlighters

Pen (blue, black or red)  50¢
Single highlighter 50¢
Highlighter pack     $5.00
Gel pens       $1.00
Multi color pens    $2.00

Coloring Supplies

Crayola crayons

Crazy art crayons  $2.00
Crayola markers (Pack of 10) $2.75
Crayola thin markers (Pack of 10) $2.75
Crayola colored pencils (Packs of 12) $2.00


Other Supplies

(Cherry, Strawberry, Original, and Spearmint)
Pencil Grips (Ridged and Striped) 75¢
Pencil pouches          50¢
Bookmarks 75¢
Glue bottles $1.00
Mini Stapler $3.00
Folders 50¢
Rulers $1.00
Expo markers $1.00
Glue sticks 50¢