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Clubs & Activities

Student Council

Student Council Image


Mrs. Lauren Bell

Mrs. Bell


President Madelyn Batdorf
Vice-President  Emma Havenar
Treasurer Isaiah Mumford
Secretary Mackenzie Grear


About Us

The CES Student Council participates in community and school projects. We promote school spirit and student participation. Student Council representatives learn how meetings are run and are responsible for contributing ideas, participating in projects, award ceremonies, fundraiser opportunities, and reporting Student Council news to their classmates. Student Council members are also responsible for running the school store and saying the pledge on the announcements.

Art Club


Mrs. Lauren Gerlach

Mrs. Gerlach

About Us

Art club is an afterschool program that meets once a month during the school year. The students explore different mediums of art in more complex forms than what is done in the classroom. This includes printing, sculpture,  painting, and many more.  Students participate in an annual pumpkin carving contest. As well students in the sixth-grade art club have the opportunity to explore the process of silk screen printing to create their own custom t-shirts. Through this program, the students expand their knowledge of art through hands-on creation, experimentation, and exploration.